WMHelp XMLPad 3.03

XMLPad is a tiny powerful XML Editor based on the WmHelp XML parse engine
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<<0>> is a tiny yet very powerful XML Editor based on the XML parse engine, which is has been developed by WMHelp.com. It’s the basic version of WMHelp.com, which can be run without a license. <<1>> is very easy to use as the toolbar and menus that are displayed at the top of the window can be handled very easily. Just pressing a button can hide them.

Designer Area is mighty and has menus that contain a case sensitive syntax with the existing range indication on the left. Whenever you open a file, a toolbar is placed on top of the designer area. It has many features, which include the capability to format the document automatically, open the URL files and support DTD schemas, etc.

<<2>> has a sturdy DTD editor with color option highlighting, and context, which depend mainly on the wizard and element range navigation. It also contains an in-built browser window that is used as preview and art grid view. The in-built toolbar and menus can be used to display or hide quick access buttons. It has a workplace that helps to edit or open different design views.

Version 3 includes the following additions: Project system with CVS support. Preview and printing XML Schema in graphical diagram window. XML Schema documentation generation (ws3p.xsl) with diagram images. Regular expression builder and enumeration builder. Schema-aware XSLT editor and debugger with Active script support. Support for JAXB and Castor binding. HTML & DBF import.

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  • XMLPad is able to load large XML files very quickly


  • No option to save and open XML statements
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